Monday, January 14, 2013

Alright, I suppose I should talk about what I write.  But let's start with what I read.

For the better part of my life, I read nothing but SFF and classic literature, unless forced to do otherwise by teachers who would then force me to write a paper on what I had read.  Until about three years ago, I had a rather narrow field of vision where literature was concerned.  In my defense, I have always been rather busy and thought I should spend my free time reading only the books that I am sure to enjoy.  My library at home is filled with books by CS Lewis (my favorite), Octavia Butler, Piers Anthony (I am not ashamed to say it!), Alan dean Foster, Robert Asprin, Neil Gaiman, Terry Pratchett, Larry Niven, Shelley, Dickens, Hugo, Flaubert, Wilde, Steinbeck... the list goes on. 

Then, I discovered the joy of audio books!  So, while more and more Middle Grade books make their way onto my bookshelves, my preferred genres are expanding to include true Historicals (sans fantasy), Romance (historical in particular), Crime, and Mainstream Contemporary.  And, of course, I read stories written by my fellow Africans. 

My non-fiction writing is mostly scientific.  I will not bore you with it.  My fiction is mostly SciFi/Fantasy, heavy on the Fantasy.  My Fantasy is best described as Mythical/Magical Realism, whichto dateis set in West Africa.  I think Africans (people of color, in general) are underrepresented in Western literature.  I hope to remedy this issue... at least a little bit.  All of my main characters (by nature, rather than design) are people of African descent.  And it doesn't matter whether the story is SciFi, Fantasy, or Erotica.  Yes, I also write Erotica.

Truthfully, my Erotica is very tame.  I don't like "blue" words, so I tend not to use them.  Some of my characters have potty-mouths and I can't always control what they say, but for the most part, my erotic descriptions, while graphically detailed, are softly worded.

I have an early morning tomorrow (and every day), so I'll end here tonight.  More later.

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