Friday, January 11, 2013

So, I've had this site for months now (probably closer to a year).  I still don't know what to write.  Hence, the whole "still thinking" theme.  I suppose I could just start by introducing myself.

I am a married mother of four wonderful children, who make me prouder with each passing day.  I have a doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and am foolishly seriously considering a PhD in Molecular Oncology (it will actually be out of the Pathology Department).  I am a bonafide nerd.  I'm Geek and I'm Proud!  I love SciFi and Fantasy, comics books (Batman is my absolute favorite comic book character), and off-center humor.  This year, I may even join the cosplay crowd!

On top of all the characteristics I've described above, I am an author.  I actually have some published works, though they are mostly of the scientific variety (I'm in the process of writing another paper).  When I use the term 'author' I much prefer to use it in reference to my works of fiction, which I have not published.  Well, not entirely.  I'll post a link when my four sold short-stories are published.  That said, I've also written a a full-length novel, which is rather good.  Sure... don't take my word for it.  But finding a publisher for a Historical Fantasy set in 16th century West Africa and written in a style that is neither strictly historical nor strictly SFF is damned difficult.

More about that another time.

Well, there's my first post!  Hopefully, I'll sound more interesting as I get the hang of this.

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