Friday, February 14, 2014

Oh crap.  I totally forgot to update the blog!  I'll do some quick summaries.

Feb 11th
Worked all day.  Did not write 1000 words, but did some heavy revision on my work in progress (hereafter referred to as WIP), Queen of Zazzau.  Chapters 1 and 2 may be just about done.  Not sure yet.  We'll see.

Feb 12th
I had to leave work at 1030 because my girls' school closed early.  I got to the school around 1115, picked up the girls, and stopped at the store for some baking powder.  I got a few weird looks from other store patrons (the ones stocking up and water and whatnots).  I guess they were wondering why I needed baking powder in my bug-out bag.  I'll just let them ponder that.

Got home, did some work-work (protocols reviews), then I did more work on my WIP.  Nope, I did not write any new stuff.  Hey, reviewing, editing, and revising is incredibly time-consuming!

Let it snow...

The white stuff started falling around 2pm.  After 2 hours, the neighborhood, which rarely ever sees snow, looked like this:
Jack Frost had a major case of the shits
  Then the sleet came down and everything froze. 

Feb 13th
It took almost 20 minutes to get the ice off my car.  I had to pound at it with an ice scraper.  Twelve years of living in Michigan taught me well; I got the stuff off without cracking my windshield.  Or headlights.

Drove into work.  I think I saw all five of the snow-ploughs that North Carolina owns.  One was stalled on the side of the road, though.  So that brings us down to four.

On the best of days, my commute to work is a 35 minute drive.  It took me a little over an hour.  No one was there, so I proceeded to check on the animals.  Four years of vet school and $100,000 in debt, and here I am doing grunt work.  Luckily, one of my Animal Health Techs showed up--she was so much faster at the room checks than I was.  I think she changed about 15 cages in the same time it took me to change 2. :(

I left around 1pm (I think).  By 2pm, I'm still on the road, and I get a page from a delivery guy. 

He says, "There's usually someone here to let me in the building, but I've called all the numbers and no one answered.  Your pager number was the last number on the list."

I say, "There's no one in the building, numbnuts."  (I said the 'numbnuts' part in my head.)

After some quick thinking on my part, we get him sorted.  He makes his delivery and Bob's your uncle!  That's why I get paid the big bucks, right?

Feb 14th
Happy Valentine's Day! 

And welcome to the Big Thaw!  We'll see how things look in the next few hours.


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