Thursday, February 27, 2014

Once Again, We Touch on the Subject of Natural Hair

So after all the hemming and hawing, I finally went natural.  My natural hair is a pain in my ass.  It's so unruly; I hate it.  All my other body parts comply with my wishes, but my hair?  Not even a little.  I've tried product after product after product to make it hold a curl or even just hold its own natural texture.  None of them work.  I have three daughters and, between the four of us, no two has the same hair texture.  What works for one doesn't work for the next.

I really just want to lock it and have done with it.

My middle girl is locking right now.  She's 11 and treats her hair like its done her wrong.  Three days after I get her washed and tightened, her hair looks like she just rolled her head around on the carpet.  We don't even have carpet!  Honestly, I don't know if her hair texture is the culprit or if she's really just effing up her hair because she couldn't care less.

My eldest has her stuf under control!  She found a product that helps keep her hair in order.  As a matter of fact, she found several products that help keep her hair in order.  I'm so jealous.  In defense of my hair, though, my tresses are still only about 6 inches long, so they've got no weight and won't stay down.  My hair wants to stand up no matter what I do.

As for my baby, she's got the silky soft hair that is relatively easy to handle without any product at all.  Hers, however, won't hold a curl because it wants to straighten out every time I put a twist in it.

So there are my natural hair woes.  I cannot tell a lie... the relaxed hair was so much easier to work with.

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