Thursday, May 29, 2014

Another Post a Day and an Update on Natural Hair

On 2/18/2014, I said I would start trying to make a post a day.  Since then, I have made three posts. 

I am such a liar.

But on a less deceptive note, here's an update to the natural hair thing:

My middle girl is locking rather well.  The locks aren't tight, but they're firm enough that we'd probably have to cut them out if she changes her mind now.  She still treats her hair poorly, so half the time--even locked--her hair looks crazy.  But she is totally adorable, regardless.

As for my hair.  It is still natural; I have not yet succumbed to the call of the relaxer, but it be callin' me!  The only thing I can say for certain is that my hairline appears to have filled in at the back.  The section that I never used to braid, now must be braided or I look like a scruffy ragamuffin.  So, anecdotally, I can say that natural hair does support fuller hair... to an extent.  But that is all I can say. 

I've been natural for a year now, and my hair is not growing any faster.  In fact, it appears to be growing slower.  Nor is my hair any thicker.  My hairline is fuller, but only the back.  Not the front.  The front still breaks as easily as it broke when the hair was relaxed.  Perhaps more so, since I'm braiding more often. 

Don't braid, you say?  My response: that's easy for you to say. 

I've seen tutorials and photographs of various 'natural' hairstyles I can do, and they're all quite lovely.  But my hair texture does not support them. 

I've tried twists, but my hair doesn't have enough heft to lie down.  It all sticks straight up.  I'll be damned if I go to work looking like Alfalfa. 

There are also twist-outs.  Tried that, but my hair doesn't hold the shape. 

I could go with an Angela Davis afro, but that ain't happening.  1) My hair isn't long enough; 2) My hair is of inconvenient texture; 3) I'd have to comb my hair everytime I get up.  Seeing as how my hair doesn't like to be handled, combing it while dry would probably cause as much damage as braids.

So that leaves me with... what?

I would welcome any suggestions.

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