Thursday, December 24, 2015

Book Release

I should have good news, but do not.  And it most certainly is not my editor's fault.  She was ready; I was not.

I wanted to cut about 25,000 words from the novel and doing so has been a slow endeavor.  Trying to decide what goes and what stays, what is important and what is of no consequence is not an easy task.  We want to release a perfect product and cannot afford to cut corners.  The work is anything but mainstream, yet we hope to attract a mainstream audience.  To do so, we need the writing to be as tight as possible.  Thus, I need to revise some of the wording.  Again.

So, the release will be in 2016, though I can't say when.  Can't even guess at it.  Sigh.

Until then, I have survey results to analyze.